Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Laugh at Amin, poem by Dr. Susan Kiguli

I Laugh at Amin Verse 1. I laugh with all the skulls Amin holds in his hand With all those perched on his shoulder And the ones in an infinite queue Behind his back. Verse 2. I laugh with the victims of the 1997 firing squad They were dead long before The guns fired I laugh at bullets wasted. Verse 3. I chuckle with the heads of schools Across the nation It tickles to extract money From an army of tortured widows. Verse 4. I laugh with the ghost of Kay Amin Remembering Amin astride her dismembered body Calling her a wicked woman Before their bereaved children. O how I laugh! Published in The African Saga by FEMRITE, 1998.


  1. i love the irony of the entire piece. real laughter!!!!

  2. Sk. This is thus so nice. It was the fast thing that got on top of my screen as soon as typed in your name. You really make me proud.

    Thank you So.
    Thank you

  3. a great piece of irony. I laugh at Amin that if he was to read this piece, he would have missed the tears in the laughters.

  4. It is such an impressive poem