Thursday, May 9, 2013

Empowering young poets (article by Hannington Kisakye, of NABOTU)

Award winning poet Beverly Nambooze has started educating young writers on how to come up with good poetry books. Speaking to upcoming writers at the FEMRITE court yard in Bukoto recently, Beverly said that they should put much effort in research and reading. She advised young writers to consult established writers as this will help them to write good poetry. She further advised that poetry should be taught in schools and mostly to the young generation from the age of six years. She too realized that she will be a poet as a young girl. Beverly noted that even though Africans exercise poetry in singing, they have taken it for granted not to write but just sing hip pop. In Beverley’s view hip hop is being poetic but not a poet. Award winning poet Beverley Nambooze is the founder of the Beverley Nambooze Poetry Award given to successful women poetry writers. She has successfully just published a poetry book, “Unjumping” about social life which talks about her life, family and every day experience and the places she has travelled to around the world. This is an interesting book that you need to read. Beverley looks forward to see that poetry is taught in schools around Uganda. To this effect, Beverly launched the effort to reach out to school children during the poetry week which was hosted by Kabojja international school on 28th February 2013 with the goal of building the young generation into poetry writing. She was guest of honour at this event where Kiwanuka Derrick won Shs 50,000 for the best written poem. Beverley used the opportunity to share different poems with children like, sound of the morning hours, shining stars and nature. It was a very successful event that provided children with inspiration and created in them a yearning to nurture their literary skills. Beverly is a mentor to very many people. Ugandans should have a look at what she has written in her books that are on market.

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