Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unjumping books are in Kampala

So my books, Unjumping are in Kampala, Yes yes blah blah they were published in the Uk,naye really eeeeh they could have done a better job,the binding not all that.. worry not--my husband and I have got a game plan in order to make those books look radically hot so that they are worth every 20,000/-. I am very grateful for the publication and now the launch-oba when?

Th poems look great in print , nwo to get them into the market-how do poets get that done, okay let me do my thing and get the word out.


  1. Awesome!! I'm proud of you Bev. Now where can I get a copy of the book?

  2. Hi Mjay, well the
    books were not well one so we will redo them and then have a launch maybe in jan. cheers