Friday, November 1, 2013

Pamela Orogot sweetens the mood with her Storymoja experience, The Sex Tent and more

The Storymoja Hay Festival that took place in Nairobi between the 19th and 24th of September is a series of events that I look at with nostalgia, sorrow and determination all at once. The loss of one of the poets invited to this event made the end of the festival sad but gave purpose to me to be the best i can be and to contribute to the African literacy and make a difference. The Shida Tent In this tent is where I first met Kwame Dawes, an excellent tutor and Ghanaian poet. Who embarked on teaching us the art and craft of writing and publishing works. He extended brochures on publishing and in this way gave me the hope in writing and the ego to know I cannot be limited in my writing.

Discovery Hall Is where I first met Dr Neal Hall, a brilliant poet and Doctor. From him I learnt the critical elements of a poem and to know my fuel, listen to my inner voice and discover my inspiration. Richard Crompton, I also met in this hall. He enlightened me about the world of short stories that made me realise that they are more than just story books. The words count, the different types of short stories and parts that exist to make a good short story.

The Kanga tent I discovered koroga as an inspiration to do poetry. Imagery becoming a poem, situations, experiences and art forms. A true discovery of the life of poetry as a living tree. The sex tent No words can explain this discovery at a literacy festival.
Madame /Aunt Dora taught me and helped me realise more than any book would have taught me about myself , gender and sexuality. But I made an oath... What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!
Ms. Muthoni's fab dinner That was a true experience held in a beautiful home. The writing guru's, the free speech and interractions made for a beautiful social network, opportunities and gave me a new setting for a poem.

FORD HALL The East engages West session was a true eye opener on the different poetry forms from Africa and the cultural biases that we include or carry with us as we do our poetry. The loss of Kofi Awoonor one of the panelists, however, was a great disadvantage to this contribution and left a vacuum that was very noticeable. Mvuli suites A lovely suite that was, actually I must say it was a vacation of its own thanks to The BN Poetry Award who enabled the other winners and I to make it to the SMH Festivals.

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