Monday, June 6, 2016


On 4th June, the team at the Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation, launched a new business program for artists,mainly poets,. Over the years, reflecting on how challenging it has been for poet to professionalise, value their work, conduct market research and monetize their performances, it was time to overhaul mindsets and set new precedent.
Gyaviira Kyaka, photo by Dilman Dila

Gyavira Kyaka, our main speaker, has over fifteen years' experience in sales and marketing with Coca-Cola ad Hima Cement and currently works at Vivo Energy. He is also a John Maxwell leadership trainer.

On an unforgettable Saturday afternoon after Uganda Martyrs' Day, we sat at a round table discussion, over-looking the lush gardens of Mrs. Betty Mugoya in Mpererwe, the hard talks began. Do we, as poets, carry out intense market research, before we produce our work? Or do we produce the book and then hope that our creative promotion will make people buy? Marketing tells us whether or not we should even produce the book.

As people, we are the first brand and our packaging must match the product. Are the consumers of poetry today, the same as they were ten years ago? If they are different, we need to acknowledge that. Who is our target? Who are the biggest influencers?
Dorothy Kisarale, communications consultant, photo by Dilman Dila

As artists,we also need o reinvent ourselves to remain relevant , otherwise we will wake up dead. we really know our customer? What is their age?
Whats their income level? What is our unique value proposition? As poets, how do we create a sellable product?

The hosts of any event must introduce as properly, as honourable members of society.

Present at the meeting were Dorothy Kisarale, Communications consultant, Crystal Rutangye and editor and publisher, Dilman Dila a filmaker and author, Caesar Obong, a spoken word oet, Anna Nakitende, a banker, George Kiwanuka , a law student, Rosey Sembatya, an educator, Denis Lumbasi a journalist, Beverley Nambozo, a writer and leadership trainer and Gyaviira Kyaka, the main speaker. Bbashai will be holding such business talks regularly.