Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello Friends, From 2014, when the award hits its regional East Africa audience, the name will change. It will still remain the same for the Ugandan women in diaspora though. In Early December, when the board meets, a suitable one will emerge I am sure. When this award began, I honestly thought it would be a very small affair where I would use my salary then to award the prizes. So many of you including the media saw it as a much bigger space than I ever could have and for that I am grateful. It is important to know that iron sharpens iron and one ember of coal brings more heat than a solitary one. There are so many pleasant surprises that have emerged from the award namely global partners, support from unlikely individuals and the passion has spread like wildfire. I am very glad to know that the team is growing. Late this year Tipu Arts Center, headed by Beatrice Lamwaka will head to Gulu to coordinate poetry camps there, a great way to end the year. Our new partners in Nairobi, Storymoja are ready to host the winners of the award next year in Nairobi and we have new partners who are willing to facilitate a trip to a winner to attend the Zanzibar Arts Festival in March next year too. Our judges Mildred Barya and Apuuli Mugasa are about to begin editing the submissions of the anthology of poetry from East Africa, that will take a while and we look forward to the results. It is time to think bigger, consolidate the team and work towards refining the poetry we have so far. Congratulations to the many poets from the region and beyond who have had a successful year and many good wishes for the next year too. Here's to a great 2013.
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  1. Cheers to that Beverley! And to all the poetry fraternity in East Africa!