Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SESETULA ARTS E SESSE Festival of the arts 7th-9th December 2012.

Xenson arts and Zawadieye presents “Sesetula arts e Ssese” under the theme “Why I do what I do” loosely translated as “lwaki nkola zenkola” What is Sesetula Arts e Sesse? Sesetula arts e Ssese is a festival of the arts on the beautiful and serene Ssese islands. We are celebrating the climax of a wonderful 2012 and the diversity and richness that is the arts; their ability to impart knowledge, creativity, determination and compassion.
Internet source: Purpose of the Festival This project seeks to explore linkages that exist between art, culture and nature. OBJECTIVES 1. Enhance participation and appreciation of all genres of art; visual, performing, literary. 2. Promote cultural identity and encourage greater affinity with nature. 3. Inspire and reiterate self-belief and confidence. About the Venue. Scattered across the North Eastern corner of Lake Victoria; Africa’s largest fresh water lake are 84 islands that make up the Sesse group; Kalangala district in Central Uganda. To the South West is the Bugala group and to the North East; Koone group. The largest and most accessible of these is Bugala which is the district headquarters. Pearl Gardens campsite is located 100m from Lutoboka bay on Bugala Island. This 20 acre sprawling beach resort operates a secure and well maintained camping ground within the natural forest and along the beach equipped and ideal for group camping. The resort also has built cottages and rooms as alternative accommodation. Target This annual festival will draw together art lovers and enthusiasts, the local community as well as artists from all genres. Visual arts and handicrafts that include among others; basketry, mats, ceramics, beads, pottery, hand-woven textiles and products, toys, jewelry, bags and ornaments, leather products, batik, wood carvings and paintings. Performing arts; dance, drama, music, theatre, motion pictures, opera, traditional sports and the marching arts such as brass bands as well as literacy arts that use language to express oratory and literature; poets, comedians and writers. Activities • Battle of the bands: Arguably 2012 has been the year of the band as more and more Ugandans embrace the concept of live music. Bands will have the opportunity to go head to head in an explosion of instruments and musical genius. • Poetry and book reading: Literary art lovers will have the opportunity to engage in various recitals and review chapters of a local publication courtesy of FEMRITE (Uganda Women Writers Association). • Story telling: The “Original Musese”, as he is locally known is one of the oldest men on the island and will engage in folklore and convey the oral history and traditions of the Basese people. • Jam sessions: Whether you are an accomplished musician or not, bring your own instrument and let’s create beautiful music. • Dance recital: Mix of contemporary and modern dance styles. • Disco: DJ Apeman; Africa’s finest DJ will be on the spin tables displaying his talent and playing your favorite jams. • Boat graffiti: Working in teams, that include local fishermen, participants will get a chance to spray paint a boat on the beach. After this exercise, teams will get into their boats and the fishermen will treat us to a spectacular race to Lutoboka bay. • Treasure hunt: Teams will get to explore the Island following and deciphering a given set of clues to find the ultimate prize. Whichever team gets to the treasure first, wins it. • Culinary art: To celebrate the culinary arts, participants will take turns preparing breakfast; the first and most important meal of the day. • Exhibition: Those with items to sell will be allotted a special place to display their wares. How to participate/ getting there: For more information on our packages and to make reservations, please call Achan on 0751697010, or Esther on0772381552, Remember, we only have 150 slots available so book early to avoid disappointment.

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