Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unmasking the publishing deception

I’ve unmasked the deception of publishing. My first collection of poetry in chapbook form entitled Unjumping , resembles left- overs from the Titanic before it capsized. To say that I am displeased by the stapling, the book cover paper, the paper type is to put it politely. Seriously? When I asked the publishers why the cover fades after a few weeks, he said that probably because I have too much black on it. Yeuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
After spending 800 British sterling pounds to bring the books from the Uk to here, I excitedly unwrapped the box and when I saw the books, my poetry radar went to hell and back. I am now selling the books at a quarter price and I warn all buyers that the cover will fade and begin to look like Wole Soyinka’s beard dipped in Novida soda.
Two weeks ago, I almost pulped the books. I almost drowned them in the maggots in the pit latrine but I reflected on the hard work and now I am sellingthem at 5,000/-.Thanks to all of those that have bought and those that are still calling me for copies. You have made the end of 2010 special for me. Now that I am doing my Masters in Creative writing, there will be a better collection of poetry which after being published, will have a better story.