Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birthday Wishes Riding Upon The Waves, poem by BNN

Birthday Wishes Riding Upon the Waves I want my birthday wish to open up the graves of my dreams To make my Daddy come back and for crocodiles To have the jaws of a thousand grains of corn, So that our fear is devoured by perception. I want the skin of the serpent to change into a mirror. I want us to look at our reflection in that mirror and See that we were the predators all along. And watch as the serpent sheds off its skin. I want my birthday wish to ride upon the waves of my life To be my surfboard; so I can play with my troubles And then burst them like bubbles. I want my birthday wish to make you come to me So that we can be Free to make love on a bed of our dirty thoughts And our repentant hearts Because life has taught us that there is nothing As incoherent as desire And nothing as liberating as you and me. If my birthday wish could cure me of cancer If chemotherapy could be a party of afros and models If consultation fees went into consultation If marrying me was your highest manifestation Then my birthday wish would ride upon the waves of my life. © Bev Nambozo Nsengiyunva, July 2013


I send you greetings from Rt. Honourable Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament and Patron of the BN Poetry Foundation. It is a privilege to be part of Uganda’s literary heartbeat, to feel the pulse of words and creativity through projects such as this. Literature is one of the most vital tools for any country to survive. Through various historical stages, our country has been immersed in joy and pain. Literature, especially poetry, is able to define those moments in way that no other art can. The efforts of the annual BN Poetry award, which is now in its fifth year, will not go unnoticed. The steadiness and determination of its founder, Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, are immeasurable. I congratulate her and the entire team for joining hands to create a platform to promote poetry. When I heard that in 2014, the award will extend to the entire continent, I was impressed by the growth and vision of the project. On behalf of The Speaker, I continue to encourage Beverley and each of you here to keep on working towards realizing your dreams. A dream is the seed for success. Hard work and faith are the ingredients for continuity, growth and life beyond our wildest dreams. Every artist and promoter of the arts who are here today should never give up no matter how hard the struggle. This BN Poetry Award is a testimony to the fact that anything is possible. I congratulate all the poets that have participated in the award since 2009, especially the winners. I believe that each poet is a winner but sometimes there is only space for one in that seat. It is a joy to stand amongst creative talent today and I hope that I get opportunity to share more of the success of literary growth in this country. There are many poets and literary groups that have shaped and continue to shape the arts in Uganda. Amongst them are Okot p Bitek, Professor Timothy Wangusa, Justice James Ogoola, Uganda Women Writers’ Association, The Lantern Meet of Poets, Poetry in Session, to mention just a few. There is a lot of power in your pens and in your head. We should unleash it to the world so that we can live in a better place. Change history through your dreams. Make a difference through your words. Tomorrow, renowned Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o will be holding a lecture at Makerere University at 2pm. I hope that you will also be a part of this because when we listen to elders in the trade, we learn wisdom which we can use and pass on. This year I also understand that they are also going to produce an anthology of poetry with all the winning poems and also other poets of the continent. Once again, I congratulate Beverley Nambozo and her organizing committee. I congratulate the winners and wish them all the best as the award reaches the entire continent of Africa in 2014. Thank you and God bless you Honourable Flavia Kabahenda MP Kyegegwa


Congratulations Beverly. The Femrite family is very proud of you and wish you the very best as you go continental. With best regards, Hilda Hullo BN, thanks for initiating the award and for all the effort you put in to make it happen. I personally have a natural passion for literature and such awards like yours provide a great platform for me to develop my work. I was not an A level literature student because I did sciences. However in my O level i did Literature for 2 years knowing I would not have another opportunity to study the subject. I hope to continually get my writing better through learning and actual writing. Blessed week! Julia K Thank you very much! It was a wonderful evening. Congratulations on the achievements. And thanks for talking about Jali sustainable. Happiness, peace, good health, and love be with you you always. Patience. Dear Beverley, It was inspiring and great having an evening out at the BN Poetry Award! Great: people, music, poetry, food, drinks and you looked great in the african outfit. I congratulate you and indeed BN for a successful event. To the Winner ma congrats. I was touched and happy to have my daughter there-Molly Nalunga as one among the 25 that received certificated. Molly she is a performer with House Of Talent. Thanks for the invite and many thanks for the NUVO festival mention! Bev, It was a wonderful event. You keep the literature light shining brightly in Uganda. And look gorgeous doing it! D Baingana hi Bev, thanks for the wonderful award ceremony...as usual, you did not disappoint... the the guest of honor, the guests, the reception, everything was perfect. I have just viewed the three winning poems and noticed that time is timeless and it set me wondering for the nth time, how do people manage to create like that? Oketta You are welcome Beverly. It was quite an event filled with humour great poetry and great people. Keep it up and may you soar on the continental level. Ivan Mulumba Hi Bev....first a congrats for the immense success of BN, more so on going continental......one word:::: You inspire!!! Ivan Okuda