Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello, this message is for you-you who have been there for the team during the arduous and rewarding years of putting the BN Poetry Award together.
(Photo taken from one of the art pieces at Kenya National Museum) Thanks for being a heads up kind of person during the 4 past BN Poetry Award ceremonies. Next year 2013, will be the last annual poetry award for Ugandan women living in Uganda because, we have decided it is time to live larger. From 2014, the award will increase to include both female and male poets from East Africa. The award has achieved significant success in Uganda with remarkable aplomb amidst support from the media, individuals and other literary groups in Uganda and in honour of the surprises of poetry, it's time to show how radical and real poetry can be. If there ever was a time, it's now. Further to that, the award will also target Ugandan Women in the Diaspora , specific to regions. For example, in 2014, target Ugandan women in Southern Africa, 2015, Ugandan women in the U.K, and with the succeeding years, a new region. These ideas were augmented from the intense individuals whose ideas are like a springboard whenever we sit for our roundtable discussions. of the BN Poetry Foundation. Currently, we are still accepting poems from poets from Eastern Africa for an anthology thanks to funding from Prince Claus Fund. If you are interested, send the poems to as a word attachment with your contact details. The deadline is end of December 2012. 2013 is going to be an intense fundraising year and a great time to be alive. Have a memorable week and you may follow us on facebook at Beverley Nambozo Poetry Foundation and this Friday and Saturday from 6:00pm, Lantern Meet of Poets will be holding a recital at The Uganda National Cultural Center (National Theater), tickets at only 10,000/-.

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