Monday, April 15, 2013


Babishai Niwe, meaning Creating with you, is the name replacing Beverley Nambozo Poetry Foundation. The Babishai Niwe (BN) Poetry Foundation is a newer more collaborative provision for poetry and the creative arts. The name also creates a more suitable space when the Babishai Niwe (BN) Poetry award goes regional in 2014. The team will collaborate with literary partners in Africa and the diaspora to:- • Hold annual regional poetry awards for both men and women • Create a publishing component through partnership with indigenous and international houses in order to contribute towards fulfilling the publishing need in the region • Conduct regular trainings in creative literary arts • Publish an anthology of poetry from poets of Africa in 2013 and distribute widely • Coordinate regular poetry camps • Other activities with individuals and organizations that promote literary arts We extend our appreciation to partners and individuals that have been great support. We appreciate the poets that have been participating in the annual BN Poetry Award. We thank the judges over the years namely; Iga Zinunula, a poet and entrepreneur, Apuuli Mugasa who is the head of The Literature Association of Uganda and author of Pulse of the Pearl and Mildred Kiconco Barya, author of widely acclaimed poetry collections Men love Chocolates but they don’t say and Give me room to Move my Feet. Our financial partners over the years; Uganda Clays Limited, Wordalive Publishers, Stichting Doen, Prince Claus Fund, Bayimba Cultural Foundation and Uganda Health Marketing Group and those that contribute regularly via mobile money. The media including UBC, The New Vision, The Monitor Newspaper, The Weekly Observer, Record T.V and mad and crazy blogspot and various sites like Writers Afrika, Proggie UG and others. The guest artists at the different award ceremonies; Ife Piankhi, Acaye Pamela, Susanne Aniku, Pretty Poet, Nakisanze Segawa, Prophet, Colleens Barasa, Rachel Kunihira, Susan Kerunen and MCs Sophia Aniku and Lucy Chihandae. We thank the financial and legal consultants who keep the BN Poetry Foundation in check, Gilgal Family Network that maintains the website,, the people who like and support the facebook poetry page, at Beverley Nambozo Poetry Foundation, changing to Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation, those who follow the blog at We also thank the growing family of writers across the globe. Thank you. P.S. The theme for this year’s poetry award is Innovation, meaning creation, freshness and poems can be sent to Details can be found at Beverley Nambozo (Founder and Director) cc. Rt. Honourable Rebecca Kadaga (Patron)