Saturday, June 29, 2013


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  1. Mo fire Bonfire yes... this was ma most sentimental moment with so much fire!!! and honestly it was fire!!! the people,the poets,the artistry and most especially Justice Ogoola stole ma moment of the nite with the commandments of poetry and its History,I was so amazed and truly appreciate with his immense knowledge and wisdom that he shared with us and the poem too. Thanks a lot to the host of the Nite,Bev and the team with the singing poet Mama Lady Iffe Pianki,Rashida Namulonda suprise winner of the BN poetry awards 2013,Fortune Unlimited for their explosive performance,the gauitarist and violinist for their sweetes melodies of the nite,Guest of honour with words of power and her sweetest poem from Western Uganda with so much fire!! and Last but not least Oh!! My God the food! The Food! so delicious... I had taken long without eating Biriani... thanx so much to House of Biriani and almost forgot again.. the sponsors for keeping BN poetry award moving on and on with so much fire..... Mo fire Bonfire yes... Aah Ugly Yes...