Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Congratulations Beverly. The Femrite family is very proud of you and wish you the very best as you go continental. With best regards, Hilda Hullo BN, thanks for initiating the award and for all the effort you put in to make it happen. I personally have a natural passion for literature and such awards like yours provide a great platform for me to develop my work. I was not an A level literature student because I did sciences. However in my O level i did Literature for 2 years knowing I would not have another opportunity to study the subject. I hope to continually get my writing better through learning and actual writing. Blessed week! Julia K Thank you very much! It was a wonderful evening. Congratulations on the achievements. And thanks for talking about Jali sustainable. Happiness, peace, good health, and love be with you you always. Patience. Dear Beverley, It was inspiring and great having an evening out at the BN Poetry Award! Great: people, music, poetry, food, drinks and you looked great in the african outfit. I congratulate you and indeed BN for a successful event. To the Winner ma congrats. I was touched and happy to have my daughter there-Molly Nalunga as one among the 25 that received certificated. Molly she is a performer with House Of Talent. Thanks for the invite and many thanks for the NUVO festival mention! Bev, It was a wonderful event. You keep the literature light shining brightly in Uganda. And look gorgeous doing it! D Baingana hi Bev, thanks for the wonderful award ceremony...as usual, you did not disappoint... the the guest of honor, the guests, the reception, everything was perfect. I have just viewed the three winning poems and noticed that time is timeless and it set me wondering for the nth time, how do people manage to create like that? Oketta You are welcome Beverly. It was quite an event filled with humour great poetry and great people. Keep it up and may you soar on the continental level. Ivan Mulumba Hi Bev....first a congrats for the immense success of BN, more so on going continental......one word:::: You inspire!!! Ivan Okuda

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