Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lent: Learning from Donald Trump and DvN

Lent: Learning from Donald Trump and DvN

DvN sent an audio link from Donald Trump. Today I listened to it. Today, we are a few days into Lent and this is one of the piths of learning. Listening to Donald Trump.

Stay focused. Keep your momentum going. Have the energy to get the job done. Be thorough. If you lose focus, you lose momentum. This Lent, my prayer is for the BNPA team to never lose focus, always have momentum and for the right leadership for the Babishai Women’s Leadership Academy.

We always have problems but it is important to look at the solution and not the problem. Use what you have and don’t dwell on what you don’t have. Winners keep on going. NEVER GIVE UP. See yourself as victorious. It will zap all the negativity. See your problems as challenges. Use frustration to go where you want to g, instead of staying where you are.

See an opportunity for what it is. An opportunity. Learn something new everyday and be open to new ideas. Be thorough and learn everything about what you’re doing. Continue to be passionate and love what you’re doing. If success is what you want, be successful and you will be happy, healthy and strong.

For BNPA, that began as a small dream shared amongst a handful of friends, I can only thank God this Lent for enabling me to continue growing strong, choosing the right team and seeing the award grow to Africa. We haven’t stopped growing. Mwebare.


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