Tuesday, April 8, 2014

At 40, good things should start chasing me.

Candlelight dinner in Pretoria, at home and by the Lake Victoria

I am on one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. Last week, I was asked to write poetry which will be part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. This year, I’m working with fifteen fabulous Ugandan poets to participate in Prairie Schooner’s one in a million world-wide poetry projects. Despite the delay, the African poetry anthology, A Thousand Voices Rising, will be launched and excel.

A friend recently offered to support the BN Leadership Academy for women and girls which I am going to run with several partners Africa-wide and I am on a ten day Daniel fast. This outer cleansing is great for inner-cleansing. Also, writing someone’s memoir, someone who studied with Joseph Kony, lived the life of a child-soldier, was gang-raped multipally and now doing magnitudes for girl children in Uganda.

When I am forty years old, I don’t want to chase things . I would rather things chased after me. Not only if those things looked like Tyrese Gibson but I want to attract more good things for myself, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Leadership Academy should have begun in Uganda with plans of going country-wide. I should not chase jobs and people at 40 years, no. I have been a stay at home mum for over 5 years now, running an annual poetry award at the mercies of development partners and well-wishers. In between, completed my Masters and now I want to start a leadership academy for women and girls. I should not chase after things from the age of 40. Things should chase after me, good things, things with 7 figures and signatures on blank cheques, things with two iron wings flying in the clouds, things with kind faces. Those things. I have made some of the best decisions of my life this year, many having to so with letting go and thriving and soaring. I let go and the weight dropped off like warts off a terminal patient who rises up and runs to his freedom. I let go and my eyes saw clearly. The whining in my ears and the groaning in my head stopped. The callousness of cowards around me vanished.

I saw the sun. I created more suns around me. I became the sun for those around me and for myself.

At 40, things should start

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  1. Fantastic!! The sky is the Limit. This is inspiring. Happy for you.