Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Babishai Poetricks-Grand launch on June 16th

Babishai Poetricks is a poetry adventure toolkit for children, youth, adults and just about everyone.

It is a project that invites readers into a maze of stimulating, electrifying and fresh literary games and ideas. We’re officially launching it on June 16th, The Day of The African Child. Invite us for the Training of Trainers. Become a certified trainer. Let your children have a #babishaipoetricks experience.

Caption of a drawing by a 5 year old.

At GreenHill Academy

At Gayaza High School

Through it, we peek into our own lives, understand our various likes and dislikes, question different preferences of time, place and action and identify who we are in this vast world. You don’t have to be a poet to enjoy this; you just have to be available. The toolkit is better managed if an older facilitator takes the participants through it. We also offer trainings for trainers, like teachers in schools or we may conduct the trainings for the children. Get a feel of it before you teach. Laugh, participate and have fun.

By taking note of why we react to certain situations, we are able to better understand what it means to be alive today and how we are affect the person next to us. In this adventure toolkit, we are able to pick out the common sounds and images around us and ask what they mean and those that are not so common. It is packed with physical activity like tasting sweet and sour foods, just so that you can tell us what those tastes remind you of. We will look at many different colours and describe the mood that these colours put us in.
This poetry adventure toolkit was realized after touring many schools and realizing that there is a to huge need and want for poetry for children, written by poets they recognize and find relatable but also a simple guide for children to approach poetry with heady excitement and not fear.

“I hated poetry because of my teacher at school!”

“Poetry is so difficult. All those sonnets and iambic pentameters are impossible!”

How many times have we expressed this or heard our friends saying this?

While poetry may not always be easy to construct and not everyone is meant to be a poet, it still remains a very important tool for literary enrichment, improving your vocabulary and creativity. Reading poetry, learning new ways to articulate and finding your own personal space is what this toolkit is about.

You don’t have to be a poet to enjoy this; you just have to be available.

Contact bnpoetryaward@bnpoetryaward.co.ug for more details.

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