Sunday, January 8, 2017

The New Year Bubbles Like A Brook

Whenever the Babishai team meets,  one of the messages that helps us to realize our annual objectives is to plan as if we have unlimited amount of money. With that,  each of us dreams big without limitations. Poetry offers boundless opportunities. With our third annual festival this year, more publications and poetry adventure through forests, together we'll break limits.

#Babishai2017 will light with poetry

#Babishai 2017, believing

Cynics will tell you that expressing exuberance at the start of the year won't mean anything as long as corruption and poverty exist. These cynics usually have an abundance of mental poverty and emit bad vibes wherever they go.

New years,  new beginnings and new plans are an excellent way to guarantee a year of hope and pleasantness. Starting with energy is like driving a car that's fully serviced and full of petrol. You'll travel far and safe.
During the January 2017 Dine and Dream event organised by Joan Mugenzi's Imagine Me Africa's team, main speaker Julian Kyula empjasized that we should position our vision well. It's impossible to do that with so many negatives outweighing the positives. If your team doesn't value time-keeping,  professionalism and hard work,  it may be time to restrategize and get a new team.
Julian Kyula in centre with Emmanuel and Nambozo Nsengiyunva

When like-minded driven people follow and apply their drive towards the same vision,  the impact is always great.
Julian went on to tell us that we must serve in the correct place.

How often do we engage in time-wasting,  uninspiring activities with unmotivated individuals who only invite you because they expect you to perform a miracle with their extremely poorly thought out plan? It's time to put an end to that. Serve in places where you're valued,  where there's honour and where you're not doing all the work.
Also,  Julian says, that according to investment bankers,  raising 1 Million US Dollars takes the same amount of energy as raising 100 Million US Dollars. We may as well dream big.

Inspiration for the new year.
At Babishai,  we wish you nothing but the very best as you create positive impact.


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