Friday, January 3, 2014

Soon to be Slender, by BNN

I want to lose 20kg within a few months.

I am going to lose 20kg within a few months.

Last year, I began an intense exercise routine which was interrupted by natural frustration at the lack of evidence from the hard work and bouts of irregular motivation. For the past seven days from 26th December, I have engaged in a 1 hour daily workout. This includes episodes of Insanity season 2, brisk 30 min walks and kick-ass maximum interval home cardio and hip-hop, mixed with Zumba. It’s exhilarating.

There are people I meet who make boorish remarks about my weight. One of them is my grandfather’s former driver who in Luganda, loudly for all to hear, expressed his displeasure at my weight during what was otherwise an excellent New year’s Family Day. As a former Gayaza girl, I kept quiet and way-laid him as he parked cars of the various owners. I told him in no unabashed terms that my weight had nothing to do with him and there was no reason for him to be so discourteous since I’ve always been civil to him. He apologized, only because he was shocked at the reproach.

Other people who have transitioned from good friends to acquaintances, often jog my memory by reminding me how small I was ten years ago. I also jog their memory with stories of my two children and how women’s bodies undergo alterations after 35 years. Besides, if all factors were constant and the x- axis of low weight transformed with the y- axis of gorgeousness, they should be riding high in the looks department. Those factors are never constant.

I have more endurance than many people who are 30 kg lighter than I am and this is because I have been exercising for a year now. Combined with juices, consistence and overdoses of spiritual food, I’m well on my way this year to my 20kg weight loss. Thanks to my Super Budz fitness group, Lamwaka, Ibrahim, Twongyeiyerwe, Tabaro, Nsengiyunva, Nakayenga, Grace and a few others who lift me up constantly in this tedious yet fulfilling ride.

Happy New Year.

By Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva

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