Saturday, August 5, 2017


Abubasam Fahad Mutumba is an editor with Makerere Unversity's Campus Bee, a performer with a large following and he says that his 2017 haiku submission is a mouth-watering luwombo. #Babishai2017

What drew you to enter for the competition?

I entered the competition because I would like my poetry to get a bigger reach — given the stature of The Babishai Organization. I always look at my pen as a camera; able to paint images for the world to see them the way I saw them.

Do you have a particular personal story with haikus?
I don't know if this answers the question well, but to me, every haiku is a story. The reason as to why I write haiku is so that I don't forget the story I have come across.

What do you feel towards the shortlist in general?
I feel the shortlist proves that there's literary talent in Africa.

 What motivation do poets need, to keep writing, in this ridiculously competitive world that vies for their attention?
Someone once said you should always follow your heart; that's exactly what poets should do. Passion always wins.

If your 2017 submission was food, what would it be?
It would be a luwombo of pasted dry fish, with mouthwatering matooke.

Read his haiku  here:

Ugandan road...
a shrivelled leaf flies in
a cloud of dust

We at Babishai, congratulate him again. The winners will  be announced at the #Babishai2017 Poetry Festival dinner on Sunday 6 August at Humura Resort, Kitante Close. Cards are on sale at 40,000/- Call +256 703147862.

The full festival programme is here.

The full winning haikus are here:

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