Sunday, August 6, 2017


Usman Karofi, from Kano State, Nigeria says that he entered the Babishai 2017 haiku competition because of his love for haikus. His personal journey with haikus combines with his passion for nature, which haikus provide.

What drew you to enter for the Babishai 2017 haiku competition?
What makes me to enter the contest was first, my love for haiku poems. And secondly, given I came from northern Nigeria where haiku is not cherished most, I think it will be my responsibility to enter the contest and see how good I am.

Do you have a personal story with haikus?
Actually I do, haiku being a type of poetry in harmony with nature, there is no doubt my story with haiku lies there. Nature is something i cherished on my poems even before starting my haiku journey, coming to know haiku that lit the fire in me and makes me join the haiku train.

What do you think of the shortlist in general?
 The shortlist consist of outstanding poets all over the continent. And am optimistic any poet on that list deserved to be there.

What motivation, do you feel, that writers need, in this competitive world?
The greatest motivation that writers need is that, they should never give up. They are the voice of the voiceless, the path may be aphotic, but a light awaits at the end.

If your 2017 haiku submission were food, what would it be?
If my 2017 submission were food, it will be my local food here called "WAINA" a food made from grinded rice and fried, eaten with soup made from vegetables. The food is actually eaten during festivals here in northern Nigerian.

Read his submission here:

July rain. . .
my child traces her name
on the car’s windscreen

We at Babishai, congratulate him again. The winners will be announced at the #Babishai2017 Poetry Festival dinner on Sunday 6 August at Humura Resort, Kitante Close. Cards are on sale at 40,000/- Call +256 703147862. The full festival programme is here.

The full winning haikus are here:

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