Monday, January 4, 2016



Dear Friends,

We are relishing thoughts of 2016 as we thank you for being great partners and friends this year. The Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation team is indebted to you for your unyielding support, humour and leadership.
Our Babishai Poetry Festival takes place next year from 24 to 26 August 2016 in Kampala at The Uganda Museum. The theme is Abundance: Poetry from Contemporary Africa.  -themes include, but are not limited to:-

        i.            Does poetry from Africa need a definition and how does that impact its production?
      ii.            The extension of poetry and the sustainability of relationships with artists and the corporate world
    iii.            If poetry exists everywhere, why do so many people say that they don’t understand it?
    iv.            When and how does a poem become a poem?
      v.            The co-existence of political and personal freedom and bondage
    vi.            Teaching poetry to children and the question of age-appropriate poetry and its accessibility

If you are interested in participating in the festival, kindly email, from January 4th 2016.

We will also, together with literary partners, celebrate the golden anniversary of Song of Lawino’s first publication in Luo and English. A few schools and guest writers and poets from across Africa, The U.S and Europe have already confirmed attendance at the festival. From January, we will unveil them.
We will also launch our new website and in June, hold the first ever in Uganda, Poetry On The Mountain, scheduled for June and alongside this will be a launch of a poetry collection. Mount Rwenzori’s first ever poetry collection launch.
The 2014 and 2015 Babishai Poetry award long-listed poets will also be published in an anthology during the #Babishai2016 Poetry festival.
We wish you a magnificent year ahead and sincerely look forward to bumping our poetry minds together.

May favour and goodness be yours!

From Us.

Kindly note that our new official address is

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